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Who is Artz?

ARTZ blends hip-hop with visual art through his sound, creating visual assets that coincide with his music releases. Through his Reject Dreams community, ARTZ curates mixed media events that bring together people from different industries, recently becoming the first Blue Chip Rapper / NFT Artist to sell a music/visual NFT at a premier art auction house. ARTZ is quickly becoming the face of the current NFT art explosion. His recent partnerships with top influencers in the space have helped cement his status as a trailblazer bridging the gap between music, art & tech, making him a person to watch for in the community.

What is reject dreams?

Reject Dreams is a creative multimedia production company that specializes in music, event + video production, design, art facing tech and NFTs. We are a multi-faceted collective with world altering abilities and a focus on embracing unconventional thought and building a diverse community through our creativity.