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Presented by Reject Dreams & Recording Artist / Art Curator ARTZ

What Is NFT Hypebeast?

“NFT HypeBeast” is a multimedia event that brings together NFTs, fine art, music, fashion, and film. Our key goal is to build community and to showcase a diverse cast of creatives from all around the world.

The Details

What To Expect

A carefully curated art exhibit including NFTs & fine art, live music from world renowned DJ’s and celebrity guest performances.

When & Where

December 3rd from 4pm to 12am.
At Art Basel in Miami, Florida.

The crowd

Our events bring out people from all industries ranging from 18-56 years old with an audience of 500-1000 people.

Who is Artz?

ARTZ blends hip-hop with visual art through his sound, creating visual assets that coincide with his music releases. ARTZ and his Reject Dreams community coordinate meticulously crafted events, recently becoming the first Blue Chip Rapper / NFT Artist to sell an audio/visual NFT at a premier auction house.
ARTZ is quickly becoming the face of the current NFT art explosion. His recent partnerships with top influencers in the space have helped cement his status as a person to watch in the community. His upcoming NFT HYPEBEAST event at Art Basel promises to raise the bar in every way.

NFT HYPEBEAST Art Basel Miami prospective budget $100K. 

Specific venue details and event information under consideration.

NFT HYPEBEAST Art Basel Projections

  • 500 to 1000 attendees.
  • Over 20 NFT brand sponsorships.
  • Celebrity performances.
  • Globally recognized DJ.
  • Wall to wall projection mapping for NFT art.
  • Projected augmented reality installations.
  • Live painting.
  • Celebrity guest lineup.
  • Select NFT Art pieces by influencers for sale at event.

Previous Events


  • 2000+ Attendees. (Nearly 7 times more than the original capacity.)
  • ARTZ featured as a panelist at NFT.NYC conference.
  • An historic event at the legendary Quad Studios in Times Square with lines that stretched around the block.
  • Already receiving offers from prominent crypto currency founders.
  • 7 appearances booked since the event.
  • Fielding collaborations offers from major brands since event.

brands & influencers

  • David Moore - Known Origin
  • Charles Hopkinson - Cardano
  • Clon - Cool Cats
  • Disney
  • Tidal
  • Nifty Gateway
  • Ripple
  • Greyscale
  • Trinidad James
  • Complex
  • Busta Rhymes
  • Jericho Sims - New York Knicks
  • Heaven's Door - Bob Dylan
  • Snow Crash
  • Tokenly
  • WHIM
  • Pixelmind
  • Happy Little Hairdos

Previous Sponsors

Become a Sponsor

Sponsorships start at $10K. Each sponsor will have ad placements displayed prominently via projection mapping on the walls at the venue location. Higher tier sponsors will be able to set up a table/booth to advertise merch or info about their business.